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Anglesey Against Wind Turbines


AAWT is dedicated to preserving our island landscape. We exist to oppose any further erection of commercial on-shore wind turbines on the grounds that they are deleterious to our fragile economy, unreliable, inefficient, noisy, unsightly and damaging to our wildlife. Join our supporters using the form below.

Maintaining the Island’s Beauty

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This is what we are fighting for …

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10 July, 2017

Source: the Register

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NO ……………………

Applications are still being made for more industrial turbines on Anglesey - which means that we can’t rest on our laurels.

See the Campaigns page.

Our councillors need our support to put turbines, both onshore and offshore, in their proper place.

Become an AAWT supporter by completing the form and help us to continue to illustrate just how useless wind power is.  

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In December 2015, we were acknowledged by one of the proponents of wind power as having substantially influenced thinking about turbine developments on Anglesey.

Unfortunately, they confuse turbine developments with climate change, which leaves little room to give credibility to their figures (which we can’t verify). However, they claim that the numbers come directly from Anglesey County Council and if that’s true, we can only be pleased that:

Our source is a letter to the North Wales Chronicle. [CLICK]

SO … does this mean we can pack our bags, slap ourselves on the back and go home??

Taken from the DECC website. Read the whole piece HERE

The FT has (1 April 2016) identified more coal fired power stations being kept open because we are running out of power generation resources.

One of Britain’s biggest coal-fired power stations has been given a last-minute reprieve thanks to a new service contract from National Grid and the promise of more subsidies to come.

SSE announced on Wednesday it had decided not to close Fiddlers Ferry in Cheshire, in part because the government has promised more subsidies to back-up generators through the so-called “capacity mechanism”. One of its four boilers is being mothballed, while the other three will be kept open.

The move means that two of the country’s largest coal plants have been saved in recent weeks thanks to back-up contracts from the grid and government. Eggborough in Yorkshire announced last month it would be mothballed rather than closed down entirely after securing new payments from the grid to remain available as emergency back-up.

Ministers and officials have had to move swiftly in recent weeks to make sure the UK has enough electricity to get it through what experts are predicting will be the tightest winter ever for supplies.”

At the same time the Crown Commissioners are showing that about 1.5% of our power requirement is being generated by wind.

Their excellent  web site  presents current power generation figures as well as historical data and is a worthy successor of the RWE web site - which we assume was withdrawn because it showed how little wind power was contributing to our needs.

Now we know we shouldn’t say “I told you so”, but …………..

All these photos are taken on and around Anglesey - where the efforts of residents have helped the council to recognise the benefits of keeping the Island beautiful for residents and visitors alike.