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Anglesey Against Wind Turbines


AAWT is dedicated to preserving our island landscape. We exist to oppose any further erection of commercial on-shore wind turbines on the grounds that they are deleterious to our fragile economy, unreliable, inefficient, noisy, unsightly and damaging to our wildlife. Join our supporters using the form below.

Maintaining the Island’s Beauty

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22 September, 2015

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All these photos are taken on and around Anglesey - where the efforts of residents have helped the council to recognise the benefits of keeping the Island beautiful for residents and visitors alike.

Source: the Register

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It’s not just that they blight the landscape, wind farms are simply not a viable way of providing stable electrical power. We’ve all known that for the last couple of decades and in October 2014, a major study of anemometer data from airports, provided substantive evidence which even the most fanatical wind turbine lover must surely recognise and accept. In January 2015, further evidence landed on the government’s desks, as reported in the Telegraph.

The study covered a span of 25 degrees of longitude, and ten of latitude and includes 43 ‘monitoring’ sites over a period of nine years; over 6.5 million wind-speed observations are included.

A full summary may be found on the National Wind Watch web site. The original download document is: “Wind Power Reassessed: A review of the UK wind resource for electricity generation” by Dr Capell Aris, published jointly by the Scientific Alliance and the Adam Smith Institute.

In brief:

Claims that there is always somewhere in the UK where the wind is blowing are correct, but only sufficient to generate 2% or less of full wind fleet output. The power output modal average is approximately 800 MW, 8% of nameplate capacity. The probability that the wind fleet will ever produce full output is vanishingly small.

Power exceeds 90% of available power for only 17 hours pa

Power exceeds 80% of available power for 163 hours pa

Power is below 20% of available power for 20 weeks pa

Power is below 10% of available power for 9 weeks pa

Taking UK, Irish & European wind farms together, 90% output is reached on only 4 hours pa

It is less than 20% for more than 6 months of the year.

And ….

A Ten Minute Rule Bill introduced by Conservative MP Nigel Adams, (see Hansard, Column 230, 1:11pm) to outlaw public subsidies for wind farms has been voted through the House of Commons with 59 MPs in favour, and 57 against, UKIP's support proving decisive.  

The second reading is 6 March so the Bill cannot become law before the General Election.

UKIP want to remove all wind energy subsidies and the Conservatives will remove subsidy for onshore wind. The fact of the colossal waste of public money and ruination of the countryside for a technology that has failed has yet to dawn on Labour who want us to pay for more useless wind turbines.

Meantime, on the day of the highest demand for power in the winter of 2014/15 (52.5GW), wind power managed a miserable 0.6GW - little more than 1% of the total. (Daily Telegraph).

BUT ……………………

Applications are still being made for more industrial turbines on Anglesey - which means that we can’t rest on our laurels. Our councillors need our support to put turbines, both onshore and offshore, in their proper place.

Become an AAWT supporter by completing the form and help us to continue to illustrate just how useless wind power is.  

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March 2015

Update to LDP information - PRESS RELEASE:

Final Date 31 March.

LDP page

May 2015

RE-powering of Rhyd-y-Groes could set precedent for huge turbines near the north coast.


June 2015

New onshore wind farms will be excluded from subsidy from April 2016


June 2015

Now it’s a rash of solar panels!


August 2015

Major windfarm near Conwy scrapped.