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Making the paperwork make sense

We can’t blame the developers for trying to make their proposals look good.

We can learn to interpret what they are saying and, in particular, recognise when some of the assertions are less than accurate. The fact that misleading and inaccurate statements are “approved” by organisations such as the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) does not make them any less inaccurate or misleading, it simply demonstrates the level of understanding that such bodies have of the physics (as illustrated on the ‘Key Issues’ page - “Lies, Damn Lies …”).

The most misleading of all the misdirections is the Photo Montage. These often come from ‘renewables’ companies (in great numbers!) to show that the windfarm will not be as visible as everybody thinks it will be, and a number of authoritatively named bodies are on hand to back up the claims. The fact is that creating a photo which accurately represents what the eye will see is incredibly difficult - and we will all err on the side of the layout which best presents our case!

Photomontage Illusions

What we perceive when we look at something is determined more by our brains than by our eyes. We interpret what we see by comparing it with past experience. There’s a whole industry built around misleading us, the innocent side centred around competitions to create the best illusions. A more sinister dimension takes advantage of the brain’s inability to interpret the unknown by using it to lead the unsuspecting observer to false conclusions.

Which is where photomontages of windfarms appear on the scene. From the beginning they have been used to illustrate the visual impact of turbines. At first, both developers and protesters tried to make them realistic. Later, illusions started to creep in, followed by some truly imaginative (and imaginary) science aimed at totally confusing the eye and brain. Whilst reputable renewables companies try to be fair, there are a few whose montages can only be called fraudelent.

A paper written by an architect skilled in producing visualisations for tower blocks tries to explain some of the tricks used by windfarm developers.  The Visual Issue

Document says ….

It means …

Cheap clean energy

Wind is twice as expensive as Nuclear or Gas !!! gas = 2.2p/kwh, nuclear = 2.3p/kwh, onshore wind = 5.4p/kwh.

Abundant & Sustainable

Output is spasmodic & unpredictable. In 2012, the 3000+ UK wind turbines supplied less than 5% of demand whilst  sewage and land fill gas supplied 7%. Wind turbines only generate 29% of their max capacity (their Load Factor). They often don’t generate for days if the wind is too light - or too strong.

Carbon Free Energy

Renewable energy requires infrastructures built with metals whose extraction requires more and more energy. CLICK

To match the power generated by fossil fuels or nuclear power stations, the construction of solar energy farms and wind turbines will gobble up 15 times more concrete, 90 times more aluminium and 50 times more iron, copper and glass. CLICK

Will provide 1000s of ‘Green jobs’

Perhaps in Denmark, Germany, Spain & China, but Danish wind turbine maker Vestas cut 2335 jobs in Europe in Jan 2012 having already closed its UK plants. Minor maintenance is done by a few locals, but construction & major repair work is usually done by specialized teams of factory based workers.

British power under British control

Most windfarms are owned by foreign investors. All machines are now manufactured abroad.

Will provide £ billions investment

Subsidies paid to windfarm investors in 2011 = £500Million!!!

Good for community

Reduces tourism, noise & flicker can damage health. May achieve cuts in Council Tax as house values are decimated. CLICK

There is an overwhelming 97% scientific consensus on anthropogenic (manmade) global warming.

From a total of 61,000 earth scientists, 10, 257 were selected for the survey. Of these 3,146 responded. 3,095 responses were deemed to be unsuitable, leaving 77 people in the survey. Of these, 75 thought that humans contributed to climate change. Hence it should be 0.125%.

CLICK for comment on the 97% studies by an AAWT supporter.

Wind energy is the cheapest form of energy.

Forgetting the cost of building turbines, the cost which counts is what the government has promsied as the “Strike Price”. In November, the forward price for nuclear in 2018 is £89.50 (at2012 prices). The Strike Price for offshore wind is £155.

Interpretation of some of the more misleading terms found in advertising documents.

No marks for guessing which montage was supplied by the developers and which by the protesters! The protestors were told (by the Advertising Standards Agency) that their montage was misleading. The wind farm is presently under construction (2013) and it’s looking a lot more like the picture on the RIGHT than the one on the LEFT.

Advertising Standards Agency supports wind farm developers illusions.

Photomontage 1

Photomontage 2