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Anglesey Against Wind Turbines

AAWT is dedicated to preserving our island landscape. We exist to oppose any further erection of commercial on-shore wind turbines on the grounds that they are deleterious to our fragile economy, unreliable, inefficient, noisy, unsightly and damaging to our wildlife. Join our supporters using the form below.

Maintaining the Island’s Beauty

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1 August, 2017

In December 2015, we were acknowledged by one of the proponents of wind power as having substantially influenced thinking about turbine developments on Anglesey.

Unfortunately, they confuse turbine developments with climate change, which leaves little room to give credibility to their figures (which we can’t verify). However, they claim that the numbers come directly from Anglesey County Council and if that’s true, we can only be pleased that:

Our source is a letter to the North Wales Chronicle. [CLICK]

All these photos are taken on and around Anglesey - where the efforts of residents have helped the council to recognise the benefits of keeping the Island beautiful for residents and visitors alike.

Risks posed by the JLDP

Following on from the Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) decisions of 2012, councils were asked to create a Joint Local Development Plan. We were hopeful it would echo Anglesey CC’s support of the results of the consultation process.

It is by no means clear that this will be so and AAWT has been actively pursuing the politicians to strengthen its position against returning to the days of the indiscriminate building of turbines.

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