Anglesey Against Wind Turbines

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Power Generation

UK power is generated from coal, nuclear, biofuel, several minor providers … and wind. Here we present some of the information which is available, showing where our main supplies come from.

The best data is produced by Gridwatch and provides an almost real-time graphic of the performance of our power suppliers.

Click the gauge to go to the Gridwatch Templar site to see the figures.

For a more graphic view, go to UK Power Generation.

We have analysed the figures between August 2012 and August 2013 which show that:

Supply figures analysed

Percentage of UK Demand supplied by Wind & Nuclear Power (August 2012 - August 2013)

Until early 2015 RWE produced a useful web page showing how much power each of their wind farms was generating. No doubt to save embarrassment about the number of times the product was either zero or negative (they were net consumers of power) this page has been removed from the RWE web site.

Nuclear Average:7.2GW (20%)   Wind Average 1.8GW (5%)

DECC Stats

Somebody has done some sums on the acreage needed to provide similar power outputs from nuclear, wind turbines and PV solar. Using the figures provided, it would appear that the full UK demand in 2025 can be met on:

In October 2014, Clive Best undertook a similar analysis to our 2013 analysis and found that nuclear was averaging 18%, wind 5.7%. So there has been a slight increase in wind power.

At this rate of increase wind power should have reached the government target of 20% by the year 2036 !

This website produces a limited analysis of the renewable generation sites across the UK: in total over 5000 locations. It’s a bit short on Anglesey and consequently it must be assumed that it shows only a subset of the sites across the country.